Conference Digital Economy 23-26 July 2017 with over 100 sessions - San Fancisco, CA

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Digital Economy Conference 2017
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About The Event

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Fort Mason Center
San Fancisco, CA


Sunday to Wednesday
July 23 to 26, 2017

Conference Schedule

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  • Day 1. Mentors Round Tables.

    15th April 2019

  • Day 2. S&T Briefs.

    16th April 2019

  • Day 3. Tech Talks & Legal.

    17th April 2019

  • Day 4. Success Stories & Horizons.

    18th April 2019

  • Day 5. Mentors Round Tables.

    19th April 2019

  • S&Ts, FS&Ts, SAs,, Scouts, TechTransfer, and Innovation Specialists: Abby Boggs David Rios Marty Drake Joe Haack Brett Sharringhausen

  • How to build a new kind of Black Box using new hardware, software and APIs.

  • Geospatial AI has been used across business industries in developed countries, including agriculture, insurance and asset monitoring, energy sector. It is also becoming a major source of data in fragile countries of insufficient statistical capacity, often to solve complex challenges, such as mapping critical infrastructure or responding to humanitarian challenges. While national spatial agencies often lack high resolutions satellite data, and commercial data is expensive, a combination of tools, human in the loop annotation services and computer vision, allow make these projects possible.

  • Decision Machine provides next generation machine learning backend services to improve the effectiveness of communication and strategy by providing sharper emotional intelligence. Emotion is a significant driver of behavior. Only when strategy and communication move people to think and feel, will it move them to act. This notion is quickly becoming prevalent in areas such as marketing, insights, and corporate culture/people management. Emerging best practices can be applied to cross-cultural coalition building.

  • Fact: finding the "right" people is still hard. Although we leave tremendous amount of data behind, most data stays fragmented in devices and private networks. Central defragmentation of this data could be used for finding the right connections. Yet, as attempted by facebook, this approach bears major privacy risks. In this talk, I will propose a human centric AI system that processes all privacy sensitive information at the "edge"; only exposing anonymised data to train the recommender.

  • The advent of digital sensors and devices across our nation for defense, aviation, space, medical, environmental, remote and urban uses has created an urgent need for better more robust power sources. Chemical based batteries are the staple but have shortcomings in terms of weight, longevity and ability to operate in extreme environments. Using micro atomic power sources overcomes these gaps and can play a leading role in enabling always-on power with consistent up to 20 year duty life cycles. This can give the United States critical advantages both in industrial applications and also tactical and strategic deployments of technologies globally. Effective power sources can also be game changing in a number of key areas our nation is grappling with today. Similarly these can empower or partner states and provide key advantage technology to leading industry adopters. The talk will outline areas of interest and provide specific examples where groundbreaking potential exists. The goal is to have an introduction that can spark further ideas across our 5 key areas of focus and to help prioritize work where it is most needed and can have large impacts.

  • Accelerate NY is a commercialization fund partnered with NY state, and invests in early stage technology companies in NYC and the surrounding counties. I will describe the program.

Our Speakers

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Grand Conference Hall - 881 7th Ave New York, NY

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